I saw an angel…

Jade Robichaud- sec. 3

Love is a force that can bring peace to the entire world. I believe that love starts inside of us. We need to accept ourselves. Once we have found Love, our perception of the world changes and we start to love Life itself. Love is the key to see all the beauty that life has to offer. The power of Love unites us with our soul.

Jade playing her dear Celtic harp


Nothing in nature takes more than it needs


Carelle D.H. Pinel– sec.3

We always want a lot of things when we really don’t need them. We should enjoy what we have without complaining about what we don’t have.
Consider a dog whose owner is homeless. Maybe this dog is in need of water and food. Despite this, he’s still loyal to his master because he receives a lot of love from him. If people would think more to the others and just take what they need, maybe the homeless person and his dog would live under a roof.
Basically, people in our society don’t know what the difference between needs and wants is. For example, someone can say’ I really need a cellphone‘, but, in reality, this person wants a cellphone. It’s not like food and water, basic things we need to survive.


The sea is only drops that have come together

Anabel Forget-sec. 3

Few things in life impress me as much as the sea. With no end in sight, it makes us wonder where the world ends and it begins. How beautiful is that all these drops have come together, realizing that their power is endless when combined. If only we as humans would do the same… Just as the sea, we could overcome anything. We could hold a float or the boats to their rightful destinations. We could help each other, not for recognition, not for an abuse of power, but towards a same goal. Without the sea, a drop is just a drop. It can fall from a sky and crash to the ground without anyone noticing it. A sea, on the other hand, refuses to be ignored.


It started…

New students committed to Kindness, a promise for life. When one takes a first step in this direction, it’s really hard to step back. They came up with beautiful ideas which I can’t wait to talk about. November was a happy month whatever other people said.



Filion and Benfeito of Canada dive during the Women's Synchronised 10m Platform final at the FINA Diving World Cup at the Olympic Aquatics Centre in London

Cooperation is in our DNA. We share the same kinds of genes with all our relatives: animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, and trees. We feel at our best when we interact and find deep connections with each other.

Cooperation, love, empathy are values that keep us together as a large community. It’s how we learn to belong.

Awesome Stories 193

Awesome stories indeed…
Thanks, Brad!

writing to freedom

This week Awesome Stories brings you kindness, water purification, justice, mindfulness, museums and climate restoration.

Kindness in Actionkindness, Awesome Stories

Pictures often move me more than words. My favorite photo and story are shown to the right, but several of the 35 photos in this collection moved me to tears and give me hope for the future. Maybe you played along with the compassion games. If not, it’s never too late to add more kindness to the world. Let’s spread the words, deeds and energy of kindness throughout our lives. :)

Clever Aussies

Australian students have come up with a simple and effective way for people in less developed areas to purify their drinking water. The students designed a system, under direction of their engineer professors, that uses UV(A) radiation from the sun to generate oxygen radicals in the water. The oxygen radicals then actively kill the pathogens. The simple design…

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‘Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.’. (R. L. Stevenson)


I feel great.

This school year is a new beginning for our project. With care and love, I’ve  prepared the soil to plant new seeds, seeds of love, gratitude, and compassion. New sunflowers will  grow in the garden praising the sunlight.

I challenged my students with Tom Shadyac’s inspiring movie ‘ I AM’. 

‘Discern what your world is, know the scenario of this human drama and then figure out where your talents might fit in to make a better world. Each of us must do something that makes our heart sing because nobody’ll want to do it with us if we aren’t passionate and inspired’.


This will be a wonderful season!